Thursday, January 02, 2014

Somehow, this team went 8-8 with Geno Smith at QB.

Fewest Opponents' Fumbles Recovered, NFL Season (includes strike seasons):
TeamYearRecoveredOpp Fumbles
New York Jets20132*18
Los Angeles Rams1974315
Green Bay Packers1995312
Miami Dolphins2011317
Indianapolis Colts2012311
Philadelphia Eagles19444?
San Francisco 49ers1982414
Jacksonville Jaguars2006412
Jacksonville Jaguars2008415
Pittsburgh Steelers2011413
San Diego Chargers2011411
St. Louis Rams2012417
Houston Texans2013415
Arizona Cardinals1997516
Chicago Bears2003519
Oakland Raiders2006516
New York Giants2008522
Washington Redskins2008516
Buffalo Bills2009521
Houston Texans2010516
Jacksonville Jaguars2010512
Green Bay Packers2012518
Philadelphia Eagles2012521
Tennessee Titans2012515

* One of the fumbles the Jets recovered this year resulted from a desperation lateral on a last-play kickoff in Week 1 (making the recovery moot); the other came off a Matt Ryan sack in Week 5.

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