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Longest Missed Field Goals, 1986-2014 (updated)

As far as I can tell, there are no league-wide official records kept for length of missed field goals. The following list is complete for 1986-2014, but there have been longer misses in the past (see the Moseley and Steinfort fair catch kicks). (Update 9/28/08: NBC has confirmed that Janikowski's 76-yard attempt was the longest since at least 1970, and that Moseley's 74-yarder was the previous long.) Note that 5 of the kicks took place in Denver.

Longest missed field goal attempts, NFL, 1986-2014:

KickerTeamLengthResultDateHow Missed?Notes
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders76SD 28, OAK 189/28/2008short
Phil DawsonSan Francisco 49ers71SF 35, STL 119/26/2013short, wide leftfair catch kick
Mason CrosbyGreen Bay Packers69GB 31, DET 2112/28/2008shortfair catch kick
John HallNew York Jets68NYJ 24, NE 1910/19/1997short
Neil RackersArizona Cardinals68NYG 37, ARI 2911/23/2008short, wide leftfair catch kick
Steve CoxWashington Redskins67MIA 23, WAS 2112/20/1987short, wide rightlast play of game
Rob BironasTennessee Titans67JAX 16, TEN 149/11/2011short, wide right
Jason ElamDenver Broncos66SEA 31, DEN 2712/10/1995short
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders66WAS 34, OAK 1312/13/2009short
Greg ZuerleinSt. Louis Rams66MIA 17, STL 1410/14/2012wide leftlast play of game
Robbie GouldChicago Bears66MIN 23, CHI 20 (OT)12/1/2013shortlast play of regulation
Steve ChristieBuffalo Bills65BUF 9, MIA 611/2/1997short
Jason ElamDenver Broncos65DEN 31, NYG 209/10/2001wide left0:07 2nd quarter; 
followed by Pochman’s 63-yd attempt
Jason HansonDetroit Lions65MIN 31, DET 2610/14/2001short
John KasayCarolina Panthers65DAL 35, CAR 1410/29/2006short
Jeff ReedPittsburgh Steelers65DEN 31, PIT 2810/21/2007short
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders65DET 28, OAK 2712/19/1999blockedlast play of game
Jason ElamDenver Broncos64DEN 36, SEA 3012/19/1999short
Neil RackersArizona Cardinals64BUF 38, ARI 1410/31/2004short
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders64HOU 24, OAK 1711/4/2007hit right upright1:15 2nd quarter
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders64OAK 26, JAX 23 (OT)10/21/2012 shortlast play of 4th quarter
Justin TuckerBaltimore Ravens64BAL 48, TB 1710/12/2014 blocked
Rafael SeptienDallas Cowboys63NYG 17, DAL 1411/2/1986short0:18 4th quarter
Chris BahrCleveland Browns63L.A. Raiders 27, CLE 1411/16/1986short
Mike CoferSan Francisco 49ers63SF 26, L.A. Rams 1012/17/1990short
Doug PelfreyCincinnati Bengals63CLE 29, CIN 2610/29/1995short
Toby GowinDallas Cowboys63DAL 26, JAX 2210/19/1997short
Mike VanderjagtIndianapolis Colts63IND 24, NYJ 2311/15/1998shortreturned for a TD by Aaron Glenn
Owen PochmanNew York Giants63DEN 31, NYG 209/10/2001wide right
Josh ScobeeJacksonville Jaguars63IND 14, JAX 129/13/2009short
Rian LindellBuffalo Bills63MIA 15, BUF 109/12/2010short
Alex HeneryPhiladelphia Eagles63ATL 35, PHI 319/18/2011short
Graham GanoCarolina Panthers63ATL 19, CAR 1711/16/2014blockedlast play of game

All of the above were attempted at the end of the first half unless noted. Janikowski also missed a 66-yarder against Seattle in the 2008 preseason, Kasay missed a 66-yarder in the Pro Bowl following the 1996 season, and Tucker missed 66- and 67-yarders in the Pro Bowl following the 2013 season.

Other confirmed long misses:

74: Mark Moseley, Washington Redskins, 11/25/1979 vs. New York Giants. Fair catch kick.

73: Fred Steinfort, Denver Broncos, 9/29/1980 vs. New England. Fair catch kick.

71: Joe Danelo, New York Giants, 10/28/1979 vs. Los Angeles Rams.

70: Mark Moseley, Washington Redskins, 9/2/1979 vs. Houston Oilers. The Redskins trailed by 2 at the end of the game.

66: Ali Haji-Sheikh, New York Giants, 10/24/1983 at St. Louis Cardinals.  Tied at the end of regulation.

64: Raul Allegre, Baltimore Colts, 12/11/1983 at Denver.  The Colts trailed by 2 at the end of the game.

63: Kevin Butler,  Chicago Bears, 9/8/1985 vs. Tampa Bay.  Butler's first NFL game.

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Reader Mail: Longest Non-Scoring Plays in NFL History

Is there a list of the longest plays that didn't result a touchdown?

Elias probably has a list (they verified that Percy Harvin's 104-yard punt return was the longest non-scoring play in NFL history), but I've never seen one published.

Both scrimmage (runs and passes) and non-scrimmage (returns) plays are included in the lists below of plays of 80 yards and longer that didn't result in touchdowns.


The lists below should be complete for 1986-2014; nearly-complete for 1960-1985 or for anything that would be a record play in franchise history; mostly-complete for 1941-1959; and spotty for anything before 1941.

Everything that appears on the lists below has been confirmed via the actual play-by-play or contemporary articles with the exception of a few pre-1960 plays.

Longest non-scoring runs in NFL history:
Hap Moran11/23/193091*NYGGBNYG8GB1*disputed;
Giants accept this as 91-yard run
but other sources have it as 84.
NY Times on 11/24/30 details a play
starting from NYG15 with Moran
receiving snap in punt formation.
Johnny Johnson9/25/199490NYJCHINYJ3CHI7
Bo Jackson12/16/199088L.A.
Barry Sanders10/2/199485DETTBDET10TB5
Barry Sanders10/23/199484DETCHIDET3CHI13
Jess Phillips11/2/196983CINOAKCIN7OAK10
Billy Sims9/30/198481DETSDDET18SD1
Le'Veon Bell9/21/201481PITCARPIT8CAR11
Wilbur Jackson11/27/197780SFNOSF1NO19
Leroy Harris11/25/197980PHIGBPHI1GB19
Larry Moriarty9/11/198380Houston
Jessie Clark9/29/198580GBSt. Louis
Troy Hambrick9/30/200180DALPHIDAL5PHI15
Jamaal Charles12/19/201080KCSTLKC18STL2

Longest non-scoring passes in NFL history:
Bobby Moore
(Ahmad Rashad)
Jim Hart12/10/197298St. Louis
L.A. RamsSTL1LA1
Walter RobertsBilly Kilmer11/19/196796NOPHI??
Vincent JacksonJosh Freeman10/21/201295TBNOTB4NO1
Herschel WalkerRandall Cunningham9/4/199493PHINYGPHI6NYG1
Marcus AllenMarc Wilson10/7/198492L.A.
Derrick AlexanderEric Zeier12/7/199792BALSEABAL7SEA1
Richard CasterJoe Namath10/26/197591NYJBaltimore
Dwight StoneBubby Brister10/14/199090PITDENPIT6DEN4
Alvin HarperTroy Aikman11/13/199490DALSFDAL6SF4
Byron ChamberlainBrian Griese10/17/199988DENGBDEN10GB2
Milt MorinBill Nelsen11/24/196887CLEPHICLE10PHI3
Calvin JohnsonMatthew Stafford10/27/201387DETDALDET10DAL3Johnson finished the game
with 329 receiving yards.
Steve WatsonCraig Morton12/6/198186DENKCDEN9KC5
Vance JohnsonJohn Elway9/26/198886DENL.A.
Emmitt SmithBernie Kosar11/14/199386DALPhoenix
Marcus PollardJoey Harrington10/16/200586DETCARDET9CAR5
Wes ChandlerArchie Manning9/23/197985NOSFNO13SF2
Emery MooreheadMike Tomczak11/16/198685CHIATLCHI14ATL1
Homer JonesFran Tarkenton9/15/196884NYGPITNYG12PIT4
Ken BurrowBob Berry12/19/197184ATLNOATL13NO3not to be confused with
fellow 70's WR Ken Burrough
Alvin GarrettJoe Theismann10/23/198384WASDETWAS5DET11
Eric MartinBobby Hebert9/14/198684NOGBNO9GB7Martin's second catch of the game;
the first went for 72 and a TD.
Malcolm KellyJason Campbell1/3/201084WASSDWAS12SD4
Jerome SimpsonAndy Dalton9/18/201184CINDENCIN7DEN9
Sammy WatkinsKyle Orton10/26/201484BUFNYJBUF11NYJ5Watkins started 
celebrating at the 15.
Koren RobinsonTrent Dilfer10/20/200283SEASTLSEA15STL2
Kevin JohnsonKelly Holcomb1/5/200383CLEPITCLE16PIT1AFC Wild Card game.
Santonio HolmesBen Roethlisberger12/20/200783PITSTLPIT4STL13
Ed MarshallJoe Pisarcik10/23/197782NYGWASNYG3WAS15
Leonard ThompsonScott Hunter10/7/197982DETNE??
Terry KirbySteve Young10/19/199782SFATLSF17ATL1
Armanti EdwardsCam Newton11/4/201282CARWASCAR9WAS9
Jackie SmithGary Hammond10/13/197481St. Louis
DALSTL13DAL6pass thrown by wide receiver
Jessie HesterJack Trudeau11/22/199281INDPITIND18PIT1
Pat ColemanCody Carlson9/25/199481Houston
Terence MathisJeff George12/4/199481ATLSFATL10SF9
Corey BradfordDavid Carr10/13/200281HOUBUFHOU10BUF9
Devery HendersonDrew Brees9/28/200881NOSFNO17SF2
Johnny KnoxCaleb Hanie11/27/201181CHIOAKCHI10OAK9
Johnny PerkinsPhil Simms10/25/198180NYGATLNYG18ATL2
Jimmie GilesJack Thompson10/9/198380TBDALTB11DAL9
Todd PinkstonDonovan McNabb12/12/200480PHIWASPHI16WAS4

Longest non-scoring kickoff returns in NFL history:
Percy Harvin11/27/2011104MINATLMIN-7ATL3
Adam Jones10/12/201497CINCARCIN0CAR3
Joe Arenas12/16/195696SFBALSF2BAL2
Art Powell10/4/195995PHINYGPHI4NYG1
Ken Jenkins11/24/198595WASPITWAS2PIT3
Tim Brown11/28/198895L.A.
Kevin Faulk11/15/199995NENYJNE-3NYJ8
Eddie Royal11/2/200895DENMIADEN0MIA5
Leon Washington12/8/201395TENDENTEN2DEN3
Tom Watkins11/21/196594DETCHI??
Dick Gordon9/16/196694CHIL.A. Rams??
Doug Cunningham10/22/196794SFNO??
Tim McGee11/23/198694CINMINCIN1MIN5
Tab Perry12/4/200594CINPITCIN3PIT3
Leon Washington9/22/200894NYJSDNYJ1SD5
Kyle Williams9/23/201294SFMINSF-8MIN14
Gary Ballman11/3/196393PITGBPIT5GB2
Glyn Milburn9/26/199993CHIOAKCHI-2OAK9
Brock Marion10/4/199993MIABUFMIA3BUF4
Tom Farmer?/?/194692L.A. Rams???unverified
Dave Osborn10/4/196592MINL.A. Rams??
Billy Lefear11/23/197592CLECINCLE6CIN2Lefear broke his leg when tackled;
Lefear's last play in NFL
Leeland McElroy10/27/199692ARINYJARI0NYJ8
Jerious Norwood12/28/200892ATLSTLATL0STL8
Darren Sproles12/26/201192NOATLNO-6ATL14
Lynn Chandnois9/30/195691PITWASPIT-5WAS14
Mel Blount10/3/197091PITCLEPIT4CLE5
Reggie Barlow10/25/199891JAXDENJAX5DEN4
Terry Fair9/19/199991DETGBDET1GB8
Desmond Howard10/28/200191DETCINDET0CIN9
Eddie Drummond12/15/200291DETTBDET4TB5
Antonio Cromartie11/26/200691SDOAKSD-3OAK12
Bryan McCann12/24/201191OAKKCOAK-5KC14
Don Shy11/17/196890PITCLE??
Kendall Williams10/2/198390Baltimore
James Dixon10/8/198990DALGBDAL4GB6
Donnie Elder12/30/199090SDL.A.
Jason Tucker10/15/200090DALNYGDAL8NYG2
Allen Rossum11/6/200090GBMINGB8MIN2
Brad Pyatt10/6/200390INDTBIND-2TB12first play of Colts comeback
from down 21 with 5:09 left
Reggie Swinton11/20/200590ARISTLARI5STL5
Dwayne Harris10/13/201390DALWASDAL-5WAS15
Floyd Little11/10/196889DENOAKDEN-2OAK13
Ike Thomas11/12/197289GBCHIGB0CHI11
Larry Brunson10/14/197989OAKATL??
Rod Hill1/16/198389DALGBDAL2GB9NFC Divisional game
Ron Brown11/10/198589L.A. RamsNYGLA0NYG11
Mel Gray10/25/199289DETTBDET7TB4
Herschel Walker10/20/199689DALATLDAL0ATL11
Veryl Switzer10/30/195488GBPHIGB2PHI10
Walter Roberts11/7/196588CLEPHICLE2PHI10
Clarence Childs12/8/196888CHIL.A. RamsCHI10LA2
Randy Montgomery10/22/197288DENOAKDEN-4OAK16
Steve Odom10/3/197688GBDETGB10DET2
Jimmy Rogers11/24/198088NOL.A. RamsNO-3LA15
Carl Roaches9/13/198188Houston
Buster Rhymes12/22/198588MINPHIMIN4PHI8broke rookie record for KR yards
in a season on this return;
not that Busta Rhymes
Mel Gray10/6/199688Houston
Anthony Marshall 
(lateral from Bobby Engram)
11/24/199688CHIDETCHI-3DET15Engram returned the kickoff 13 yards
then lateraled to Marshall for next 75
Eddie Drummond12/22/200288DETATLDET-3ATL15
Terrence McGee11/12/200688BUFINDBUF0IND12
Pierre Thomas12/7/200888NOATLNO4ATL8
Rod McNeill12/21/197588NOCHI??
Joe McKnight10/9/201188NYJNENYJ-8NE20
Willie West10/16/196087St. Louis
PITSTL-7PIT20tripped over teammate
Earl Christy9/29/196887NYJBUFNYJ6BUF7
Jerry LeVias11/9/196987Houston
Don Bessillieu9/21/198087MIAATLMIA-5ATL18
Jamie Holland11/11/199087L.A.
Kevin Williams11/24/199487DALGBDAL8GB5
B.J. Sams12/11/200587BALDENBAL3DEN10
Jerome Mathis12/3/200687HOUOAKHOU10OAK3
Rock Cartwright12/14/200887WASCINWAS0CIN13
Aaron Brown9/13/200987DETNODET1NO12
Courtney Roby10/25/200987NOMIANO-3MIA16
Fred Morrison?/?/195186CHI???unverified
Joe Geri10/1/195186PITNYGPIT13NYG1
Emlen Tunnell11/1/195386NYGChicago
Gene Howard11/2/196986NOSt. Louis
Keith Wright10/22/197886CLEKCCLE-4KC18
Brian Mitchell9/11/199486WASNOWAS-1NO15
Glyn Milburn11/19/199586DENSDDEN1SD13
Steve Broussard9/15/199686SEAKCSEA3KC11
Herschel Walker11/3/199686DALPHIDAL8PHI6Walker's third appearance on these lists.
Allen Rossum11/14/199986PHIWASPHI0WAS14
Aaron Stecker12/23/200186TBNOTB0NO14TB wouldn't score the first kick return TD
in franchise history for another 6 years.
Brad Smith10/11/201086NYJMINNYJ-5MIN19
Travis Benjamin10/20/201386CLEGBCLE-6GB20
Tommy Wilson?/?/195985L.A. Rams???unverified
Jug Girard11/1/195385DETL.A. Rams??
Barry Redden12/18/198285L.A. RamsL.A.
Don Beebe11/5/198985BUFATLBUF7ATL8
David Dunn11/23/199785CINJAXCIN12JAX3
Adam Jones11/20/200585TENJAXTEN4JAX11
Josh Cribbs9/16/200785CLECINCLE4CIN11
Jerious Norwood10/12/200885ATLCHIATL-2CHI17
Leodis McKelvin11/9/200885BUFNEBUF1NE14
Andy Farkas10/25/194384WASChicago
WAS0CHI16fumbled OOB
Tom Moore12/4/196084GBCHI??
Ozzie Clay10/4/196484WASSt. Louis
Ken Ellis11/4/197384GBCHI??
James Hunter12/11/197684DETL.A. Rams??
Mike Nelms11/1/198184WASSt. Louis
Dennis Gentry11/3/198684CHIL.A. RamsCHI11LA5
Herman Fontenot10/30/198884CLECINCLE7CIN9
Thomas Lewis8/31/199784NYGPHINYG8PHI8
Dante Hall9/9/200784STLCARSTL-1CAR17
David Reed11/21/201084BALCARBAL-2CAR18
Danny Amendola12/26/201084STLSFSTL4SF12
Jerry Davis?/?/194883Chicago
Howard Stevens12/4/197683Baltimore
St. Louis
Jimmy Edwards11/25/197983MINTBMIN-3TB20
Tyrone Hughes11/26/199583NOCARNO4CAR13
Adrian Madise12/28/200383DENGBDEN5GB12
Domenik Hixon11/23/200883NYGARINYG0ARI17
Clifton Smith11/8/200983TBGBTB0GB17
Stefan Logan12/6/200983PITOAKPIT-2OAK19
LeGarrette Blount12/29/201383NEBUFNE-3BUF20
Billy Baggett11/16/195282Dallas
Joe Arenas9/27/195382SFPHISF2PHI16
Abner Haynes11/6/196082Dallas
Charlie West12/8/196882MINSFMIN7SF11
Jim Butler11/22/197182ATLGBATL-1GB19
Steve Davis10/29/197282PITBUFPIT0BUF18
Mark Logan12/6/199282SFMIASF10MIA8
Steve Smith12/2/200182CARNOCAR6NO12
Brandon Bennett11/17/200282CINCLECIN11CLE7
Terrence McGee10/2/200582BUFNOBUF15NO3last play of 2Q
Travaris Cadet11/17/201382NOSFNO-3SF21
Charlie Sumner?/?/195581CHI???unverified
Clancy Williams11/6/196681L.A. RamsSFLA1SF18
Len Walterscheid10/1/197881CHIOAK??
Steve Brown11/27/198381Houston
Herman Fontenot12/15/198581CLEHouston
Kevin L. Williams9/26/199981NYJWASNYJ3WAS16fumbled OOB
Charlie Rogers10/15/200081SEAINDSEA-2IND21
Troy Edwards11/25/200181PITTENPIT2TEN17
Ellis Hobbs9/21/200881NEMIANE-4MIA23
Dave Grayson10/11/196480KCDENKC2DEN18KC's drive after the return: 
1-10-DEN18: holding for -15;
1-25-DEN33: sack for -14;
2-39-DEN48: run for -5;
3-44-KC47: run for 19;
4-25-DEN33: pass for 33 and TD
Gary Ballman11/8/196480PITSt. Louis
Ron Smith11/27/196680ATLCHIATL14CHI6
Devin Hester9/15/201380CHIMINCHI-3MIN23

Longest non-scoring punt returns in NFL history:
Brady Keys9/20/196490PITNYGPIT9NYG1
Skeets Quinlan?/?/195288L.A. Rams???unverified
T.J. Houshmandzadeh11/25/200186CINCLECIN9CLE5
Leon Washington12/5/201084SEACARSEA14CAR2
Eddie Dove9/29/196383NYGPHINYG14PHI3
Brady Keys9/22/196382PITNYGPIT17NYG1
Ray Buchanan11/3/199682INDSDIND9SD9
Bob Grim11/5/196781MINNYGMIN17NYG2
Dennis Northcutt11/5/200681CLESDCLE9SD10
Mel Gray12/6/198780NOTBNO16TB4
Desmond Howard10/29/200080DETINDDET18IND2

Longest non-scoring interception returns in NFL history:
Champ Bailey1/14/2006100DENNEDEN-1NE1AFC Divisional game;
fumbled OOB just before reaching end zone
Brandon McDonald12/15/200898CLEPHICLE-5PHI7last play of half
Julius Peppers10/10/200497CARDENCAR0DEN3lost fumble into end zone,
but overturned on replay
Dennis Thurman9/6/198196DALWASDAL0WAS4
Bob Neff9/14/196895MIAHouston
Charles Tillman12/4/200595CHIGBCHI-2GB7next-to-last play of 2Q
Nolan Cromwell12/14/198194STLATLSTL3ATL3
LeRoy Irvin12/26/198394STLDALSTL3DAL3NFC Wild Card game
Chad Williams10/24/200494BALBUFBAL0BUF6
Andy Studebaker11/22/200994KCPITKC-2PIT8
Ross Fichtner 
(lateral from Erich Barnes)
10/1/196793CLENOCLE5NO2Barnes returned the interception 5 yards
then lateraled to Fitchner for next 88
Jack Hinkle10/9/194391PHI/PIT
NYG?? NY Times on 10/10/43
credits interception to Ernie Steele
Booker Edgerson11/1/196491BUFHouston
Leslie Duncan12/6/196491SDNYJSD5NYJ4
Ryan Mundy9/8/201391NYGDALNYG8DAL1
Bob Smith11/9/195290DETPITDET0PIT10
Bob Neff11/13/196690MIAKC??
Rick Volk10/13/196890Baltimore
Mike Richardson9/29/198590CHIWASCHI9WAS1
Bruce Maher11/10/196889NYGDALNYG5DAL6
Charlie West12/19/197189MINCHIMIN6CHI5
Lawrence Timmons11/30/200889PITNEPIT10NE1tackle made by Ben Watson,
who also tackled Bailey on the non-TD above
Dave Robinson12/12/196587GBBaltimore
Ron Hall9/18/196687NEDENNE6DEN7
Joe Blahak12/9/197387HOILPITHOIL8PIT5
Victor Green12/13/199887NYJMIANYJ4MIA9
Mike Gaechter11/3/196386DALWASDAL1WAS13
Dick Anderson12/20/197086MIABUF??
Brice McCain10/8/201286HOUNYJHOU5NYJ9
Raymond Clayborn10/7/198485NECLENE8CLE7next-to-last play of 4Q;
CLE trailed 17-16 and was in FG territory
Aaron Beasley9/12/200485ATLSFATL1SF14
Al Harris12/19/199984PHINEPHI5NE11fumbled, recovered by PHI
Joey Porter9/15/200284PITOAKPIT1OAK15illegally lateraled forward for TD
reversed on replay
Sabby Piscitelli12/28/200884TBOAKTB5OAK11
Fred Marion11/17/198583NESEANE2SEA15
Lloyd Burruss10/28/199183KCL.A.
Carlton Williamson11/25/198582SFSEASF12SEA6
Rolland Lawrence10/21/197381ATLSD??
Paul Krause11/23/197581MINSD??
Leroy Irvin11/16/198080STLNESTL11NE9last play of half
John Holt11/30/198680INDSDIND7SD13
Cortland Finnegan9/10/200980TENPITTEN0PIT20last play of half
Ralph Brown1/3/201080ARIGBARI13GB7
Antoine Cason10/12/201480CARCINCAR10CIN10

Other 80+ yard non-scoring plays (non-comprehensive):
Dale Dodrill12/14/195283PITL.A. RamsPIT8LA9blocked FG return
Andre Waters11/30/198681PHIL.A.
PHI15LA4fumble return;

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