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All in the Videos: Suge Knight, Defensive Lineman


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NFL fair catch kick attempts

[Updated with Phil Dawson's missed fair catch kick.]

What is a fair catch kick?
After a fair catch, an NFL team has the right to take a free kick from the line of scrimmage on the next play. If the kick goes through the uprights, the kicking team scores 3 points. It is also known as a "free kick field goal."

What special rules apply?
1. There is no snap.
2. The defense must stand at least 10 yards from the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
3. The kicking team may not use a tee. The ball must be placed or drop-kicked.
4. Even if time expired on the preceding play, the fair-catching team may still attempt the kick.

Is there a fair catch kick rule in college football?
Not since 1949. After that season, college football eliminated all fair catches, but that proved impractical. Following the 1950 season, college football restored the fair catch, but explicitly removed the fair catch kick rule. However, the rule still exists in high school football.

Why hasn't the fair catch kick been eliminated from the NFL rulebook, when it's clearly a remnant of pre-modern football?
I'm not sure, but inertia is the likely reason. Mac Percival's game-winning kick in 1968 sparked the NFL to re-evaluate the rule that offseason, but no change was made.

Who is the most visible proponent of the fair catch kick?
John Madden. Whenever a team is trapped deep in its own territory near the end of a half, Madden will mention the fair catch kick, and mention that he always wanted to try one, but never had the chance. Ironically, the Madden series of video games has never included the fair catch kick, though its sister franchise, NCAA Football, contains the equally-obscure one-point safety.

How many times has a fair catch kick been attempted in an NFL game?
Art McNally, the NFL assistant supervisor of officials, admitted in 2004 that the NFL has no idea. It's impossible to determine through box scores; a successful fair catch kick is recorded as a field goal, and an unsuccessful one is recorded as a missed field goal. The only possible way is through contemporary game reports, and some of those don't detail the specifics of a 2nd quarter field goal. Fred Cox's 1966 fair catch kick came in the 2nd quarter of a December game between the 1-10 Falcons and the 3-7-1 Vikings; game articles about the game in major newspapers are, understandably, one or two paragraphs long and make no mention of it. I originally found reference to it in a Cox quote after Cofer's 1989 fair catch kick, and later found confirmation in the Atlanta Journal game report.

(All games here have been 100% verified. The list is likely incomplete, but is definitely complete for 1964-1968 and 1986-2014.)

Regular season:

1. George Abramson, Green Bay vs. Chicago Cardinals, November 8, 1925.
Good from 35 in the 4th quarter. The kick gave the Packers a 6-0 lead, but the Cardinals would score on their next two drives to win 9-6. (For some reason, the Packers decided to kick off after the Cardinals scored the tying touchdown. The Cardinals promptly drove the field for the winning field goal.)

2. Ken Strong, New York Giants vs. Green Bay, November 26, 1933.
Good from 30 yards in the 3rd quarter.

3. Ben Agajanian, New York Giants vs. Pittsburgh, October 23, 1955.
Missed from 56 yards with about 30 seconds left in the first half.

4. Gordy Soltau, San Francisco vs. Detroit, November 2, 1958.
Wide right from 61 yards with 15 seconds left in the first half.

5. Sam Baker, Philadelphia vs. New York Giants, September 13, 1964.
Short from 47 yards at the end of the first half.

6. Paul Hornung, Green Bay vs. Chicago, September 13, 1964.
Good from 52 yards at the end of the first half.

7. Fred Cox, Minnesota vs. Atlanta, December 4, 1966.
Good from 40 yards at the end of the first half.

8. Bruce Gossett, Los Angeles Rams vs. Detroit, November 23, 1967.
Short from 55 yards with 3 seconds in the first half.

9. Mac Percival, Chicago vs. Green Bay, November 3, 1968.
Good from 43 yards with 20 seconds left (won 13-10).

10. Fred Cox, Minnesota vs. San Francisco, December 8, 1968.
Short from 47 yards at the end of the first half.

11. Curt Knight, Washington vs. San Francisco, October 5, 1969.
Wide left from 56 yards with 2 seconds left (tied 17-17).

12. Horst Muhlmann, Cincinnati vs. San Diego, September 21, 1969.
Short and wide from 60 yards at the end of the first half.

13. Tom Dempsey, New Orleans vs. San Francisco, November 23, 1969.
Short and wide left from 57 yards, likely at the end of the first half.

14. Jim Bakken, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh, November 30, 1969.
Short from 60 yards at the end of the first half.

15. Sam Baker, Philadelphia vs. San Francisco, December 21, 1969.
Wide from 46 yards near the end of the first half.

16. Curt Knight, Washington vs. Denver, November 1, 1970.
Wide left from 49 yards at the end of the first half.

17. David Ray, Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Colts, November 8, 1971.
Missed from 45 yards at the end of the first half.

18. Horst Muhlmann, Cincinnati vs. Kansas City, October 21, 1973.
Short from 57 yards at the end of the first half.

19. Ray Wersching, San Diego vs. Buffalo, November 21, 1976.
Good from 45 at the end of the first half. This kick put the Chargers up 27-10, and so is missing from most brief recaps of the game. This, not Mac Percival's game-winner in 1968, is the last known successful NFL free kick.

20. Mark Moseley, Washington vs. New York Giants, November 25, 1979.
Short from 74 (yes, 74) yards near the end of the game (the Redskins were trailing 14-6 and hoped to score quickly & recover the onside kick; there was no 2-point conversion rule until 1994).

21. Fred Steinfort, Denver vs. New England, September 29, 1980.
Short from 73 yards at the end of the first half. The game was in Foxboro.

22. Raul Allegre, Indianapolis vs. New England, November 18, 1984.
Short from 61 yards at the end of the first half. This is probably the only fair catch kick after a kickoff; the Patriots, up 26-10 right before halftime, tried to onside kick.

23. Rob Bironas, Tennessee vs. Houston Texans, October 9, 2005.
Short from 58 yards at the end of the first half.

24. Neil Rackers, Arizona vs. New York Giants, November 23, 2008.
Short and wide left from 68 yards at the end of the first half.

25. Mason Crosby, Green Bay vs. Detroit, December 29, 2008.
Just short from 69 yards at the end of the first half.

26. Phil Dawson, San Francisco vs. St. Louis, September 26, 2013.

Short and wide left from 71 yards at the end of the first half.


1. Lou Michaels, Baltimore Colts vs. Dallas, January 9, 1966 (NFL Playoff Bowl).
Wide from 57 yards at the end of the first half.

2. Mike Cofer, San Francisco vs. Minnesota, January 1, 1989 (NFC Divisional Playoff).
Short from 60 yards at the end of the first half.


1. Bobby Howfield, New York Jets vs. Oakland, August 14, 1971 (preseason).
Short from 52 yards at the end of the first half.

2. Chester Marcol, College All-Stars vs. Dallas, July 28, 1972 (preseason).
Short from 68 yards at the end of the first half.

3. Mac Percival, Chicago vs. Houston Oilers, August 9, 1972 (preseason).
Short from 60 yards with 15 seconds left.  The Bears recovered the loose ball on the Oilers' 1 and kicked the winning convential field goal on the next play.

4. Horst Muhlmann, Cincinnati vs. Atlanta, September 2, 1973 (preseason).
Wide right from 50 yards at the end of the first half.

5. Pepe Guzman, San Francisco vs. San Diego, August 16, 1974 (preseason).
Short from 60 yards with 3 seconds left in the first half.

6. Rafael Septien, Dallas vs. Houston Oilers, August 30, 1986 (preseason).
Missed from 53 yards with 24 seconds left at the end of the game (lost 17-14).

7. Chris Gardocki, Chicago vs. Philadelphia, August 8, 1993 (preseason).
Short from 63 yards at the end of the first half.

Opportunity for fair catch kick passed up (includes only fair catches made with no time remaining, or where the fair-catching team attempted a field goal on the next play):

1. Detroit vs. Baltimore Colts, November 25, 1965.

Tied at 24, the Lions fair caught a punt on the Baltimore 42 with 24 seconds left. However, they inexplicably decided to attempt a 50-yard FG from scrimmage rather than the 42-yard free kick; Wayne Walker's attempt was low, nearly blocked, and came up short. The game ended in a 24-24 tie.

2. Kansas City vs. Miami, December 25, 1971 (AFC Divisional Playoff).
Tied at 24, the Chiefs fair caught a punt at their own 32 near the end of regulation. Chiefs' coach Hank Stram feared a Mercury Morris return of a short miss of the 68-yard FG, and decided not to kick.

3. New England vs. New York Jets, October 12, 1986
Down 31-24, Irving Fryar inexplicably fair caught a punt deep in his own territory with no time left. The Patriots didn't request the kick, nor did the referees ask them if they wanted one; referee Jerry Seeman said after the game that "it's the player's responsibility to come and ask for the extension." For those interested, the Patriots were favored by 7, so a successful kick would have had no impact on the spread.

4. Dallas vs. Atlanta, September 20, 1999.
Wayne McGarity fair caught a punt on the Atlanta 47 with no time left in the first half. Dallas coach Chan Gailey knew of the rule, and had specifically instructed McGarity to fair catch the punt if it was inside the 50, but Gailey forgot that he would be able to attempt the kick with no time left on the clock. Instead, the Cowboys went to the locker room.

5. Detroit vs. Chicago, October 30, 2005.
Tied at 13, Eddie Drummond fair caught a punt at his own 28 with no time left in regulation. The Lions reasonably declined the chance at making an 82-yard free kick, and the game went to overtime.

6. Arizona vs. St. Louis, September 24, 2006.
Down 16-14, Troy Walters fair caught a punt at his own 33 with no time left in regulation. Arizona's Robert Griffith was offside on the punt, but Rams coach Scott Linehan declined the penalty, thinking the game was over. Neil Rackers and the Cardinals' field goal unit lined up for the 77-yard free kick, but the Rams, given another chance to accept the penalty, did so, and took a knee on the final play of the game.

7. Dallas vs. Green Bay, January 15, 2017 (NFC Divisional Playoffs).
The Cowboys' Cole Beasley fair caught a punt at his own 38 with no time left in the first half.  Dallas headed straight for the locker room, and the FOX broadcast crew made no mention of the fair catch kick opportunity.

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A Season in Eleven Transactions

August 31, 1978

September 1, 1978

early September, 1978

September 7, 1978

October 12, 1978

October 18, 1978

October 31, 1978

November 16, 1978

November 28, 1978

November 30, 1978

June 23, 1979

Monday, December 26, 2016

Simple NFC Tiebreaker Chart, 2016, After Week 16

Notes and assumptions:
  1. Tiebreaker winners are as they would be if the teams were tied at the end of the season, NOT as if the season ended right now.
  2. Tiebreakers that don't affect playoff berths or seeding are ignored.  (Example: If NYG and GB both finish 10-6, GB wins the NFC North, but NYG doesn't win the NFC East.)
  3. Division ties are broken first. 
  4. If three or more teams are tied, apply that tiebreaker, not the two-team tiebreaker.
  5. Strength of victory is the combined winning percentage (essentially, the number of wins) of the teams a team has beaten. It has nothing to do with point totals.
  6. Two ties equal one win and one loss.
  7. Clinched division and home-field advantage: DAL.
  8. Clinched division: SEA, ATL.
  9. Clinched wild card and #5 seed: NYG.
  10. Eliminated: SF, CHI, LA, PHI, ARI, NO, CAR, MIN, NO.
  11. Eliminated from division: WAS, TB.
  12. The complete tiebreaker rules are here.
NFC Division Tiebreakers after Week 16:
Tied TeamsRecordWinnerWhy?

NFC Wild Card and Seeding Tiebreakers after Week 16:
Tied TeamsRecordExtra conditions (all must occur)WinnerWhy?

WAS-GB8-6-2 v. 9-7
DETcommon opponents
DETcommon opponents
DET-SEA10-6 v. 9-5-2
DETconference record
GB-TB9-7DAL loses to PHI or
IND loses to JAX or
TEN loses to HOU or
SF loses to SEA
GBstrength of victory
GB-TB9-7DAL beats PHI
IND beats JAX
TEN beats HOU
SF beats SEA
GBstrength of schedule

GBconference record

DETWAS eliminated on conference record;
common opponents
WAS-GB-TB8-6-2 v. 9-7
v. 9-7
DAL loses to PHI or
IND loses to JAX or
TEN loses to HOU or
SF loses to SEA
GBWAS eliminated on conference record;
strength of victory
WAS-GB-TB8-6-2 v. 9-7
v. 9-7
DAL beats PHI
IND beats JAX
TEN beats HOU
SF beats SEA
TBWAS eliminated on conference record;
strength of victory
DET-ATL-SEA10-6 v. 10-6
v. 9-5-2

DETSEA eliminated on conference record;
common opponents
GB-ATL-SEA10-6 v. 10-6
v. 9-5-2

ATLSEA eliminated on conference record;

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Simple AFC Tiebreaker Chart, 2016, After Week 16

Notes and assumptions:
  1. No possibility of future tie games.
  2. Tiebreaker winners are as they would be if the teams were tied at the end of the season, NOT as if the season ended right now.
  3. Tiebreakers that don't affect playoff berths or seeding are ignored.  (Example: If HOU and MIA both finish 10-6, HOU wins the AFC South, but MIA doesn't win the AFC East.)
  4. Division ties are broken first.
  5. If three or more teams are tied, apply that tiebreaker, not the two-team tiebreaker.
  6. Strength of victory is the combined winning percentage (essentially, the number of wins) of the teams a team has beaten. It has nothing to do with point totals.
  7. Clinched division and first-round bye: NE.
  8. Clinched division and #3 seed: PIT.
  9. Clinched division and #4 seed: HOU.
  10. Clinched playoff berth: OAK, KC, MIA.
  11. Eliminated: everyone else.
  12. The complete tiebreaker rules are here.
AFC Division Tiebreakers after Week 16:
Tied TeamsRecordWinnerWhy?
HOU-TEN9-7HOUdivision record

AFC Wild Card and Seeding Tiebreakers after Week 16:

Tied TeamsRecordWinnerWhy?
NE-OAK13-3OAKcommon opponents
MIA-KC11-5MIAcommon opponents
PIT-HOU10-6PITstrength of victory

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reader Mail: Most Plays In A Quarter (Updated 12/22/16)

The Bears ran 35 plays in the 4th quarter in last week's game against the Titans.  Is this a record?

No, but it's close.  Most of the following, like the Bears, were failed comebacks from large deficits.

Most plays in a quarter, 1983-2016:
(all 4th quarters unless noted)
St. Louis Rams12/10/199540BUF3
San Diego Chargers11/30/199740DEN8began with final 23 plays of record 25-play drive
New England Patriots11/12/198938NO4
Minnesota Vikings10/14/201238WAS3
Washington Redskins11/4/199037DET1Redskins came back from 38-21 down entering 4Q;
record 112 plays and then-record 39 first downs for game
Pittsburgh Steelers11/19/200637CLE1Steelers came back from 13-3 down to win 24-20
Cincinnati Bengals1/5/201437SD1AFC Wild Card Game
Buffalo Bills11/14/199436PIT2
Green Bay Packers10/14/199636SF2twice rallied from 3-point deficits; won in OT
Baltimore Ravens9/23/200136CIN3
San Francisco 49ers11/25/200236PHI0
Indianapolis Colts1/18/200436NE0AFC Championship Game
Denver Broncos10/31/200436ATL2Jake Plummer 499 passing yards for the game
New Orleans Saints11/9/200836ATL3
Indianapolis Colts11/2/201536CAR1came back from 23-6 down to force OT at 23-all;
lost 29-26
Tampa Bay Buccaneers10/28/198435KC7
Kansas City Chiefs11/24/199135CLE4
Chicago Bears11/16/199735NYJ2
Miami Dolphins11/23/199735NE3
St. Louis Rams12/11/200635CHI5
Detroit Lions9/23/201235TEN3recovered onside with 0:16 left;
tied game on Hail Mary; lost in OT
Tennessee Titans10/7/201235MIN2Titans called timeouts while the Vikings were attempting
to kneel out the clock with 2:00 left up 30-7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers9/25/201635LA Rams470-minute lightning delay with 2:00 left
Chicago Bears11/27/201635TEN2
New York Giants12/22/201635PHI1

* "Plays" by NFL definition include runs, passes (including sacks), and field goals.  Punts, kickoffs, and plays nullified by penalty are not included.
** "Non-plays" as used here includes punts and plays nullified by penalty.

Other records:
Most plays in a first quarter: 33, Dallas Cowboys, 10/16/1983 vs. Eagles
Most plays in a second quarter: 33, five teams (Denver Broncos, 10/20/1985 vs. Seahawks; Dallas Cowboys, 10/17/1993 vs. 49ers; Houston Oilers, 9/17/1995 vs. Browns; Indianapolis Colts, 12/7/2003 vs. Titans; Arizona Cardinals, 10/7/2007 vs. Rams)
Most plays in a third quarter: 33, Cleveland Browns, 10/4/1987 vs. Patriots (replacement game)
Most plays in an overtime: 29, St. Louis Cardinals, 10/24/1983 vs. Giants (missed 3 field goals in 10-10 tie)
Most plays in a double overtime: 4, Cleveland Browns, 1/3/1987 vs. Jets (AFC Divisional Round)
[Pre-1983 record: 9, Miami Dolphins, 12/25/1971 vs. Chiefs (AFC Divisional Round)]
Most plays in a game: 112, Washington Redskins, 11/4/1990 vs. Lions
Most plays in a regulation game: 98, three teams (San Diego Chargers, 10/19/1986 vs. Chiefs; Green Bay Packers, 10/26/1986 vs. 49ers; Pittsburgh Steelers, 12/8/2002 vs. Texans)

Fewest plays in a quarter: 1, San Diego Chargers, 1/11/2009 vs. Steelers (3rd quarter, AFC Divisional Round) (intercepted on only play from scrimmage and muffed a punt)
Fewest plays in a first quarter: 3, many teams
Fewest plays in a second quarter: 2, New York Jets, 11/20/2005 vs. Broncos (fumbled on second play of only drive; also punted to open quarter and later fumbled kickoff)
Fewest plays in a third quarter (regular season): 2, Denver Broncos, 9/9/2012 vs. Steelers (71-yard TD pass on only drive)
Fewest plays in a fourth quarter: 2, Pittsburgh Steelers, 12/26/1987 vs. Browns (field goal on first play of quarter, intercepted on only other play)
Fewest plays in a game: 28, Cleveland Browns, 9/12/1999 vs. Steelers (first game for expansion Browns; lost 43-0)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Reader Mail: Longest Non-Scoring Plays in NFL History (updated 11/14/2016)

Is there a list of the longest plays that didn't result a touchdown?

Elias probably has a list (they verified that Percy Harvin's 104-yard kickoff return was the longest non-scoring play in NFL history), but I've never seen one published.

Both scrimmage (runs and passes) and non-scrimmage (returns) plays are included in the lists below of plays of 80 yards and longer that didn't result in touchdowns.


The lists below should be complete for 1983-2015; nearly-complete for 1960-1982 or for anything that would be a record play in franchise history; mostly-complete for 1941-1959; and spotty for anything before 1941.

Everything that appears on the lists below has been confirmed via the actual play-by-play or contemporary articles with the exception of a few pre-1960 plays.

Longest non-scoring runs in NFL history:
Hap Moran11/23/193091*NYGGBNYG8GB1*disputed;
Giants accept this as 91-yard run
but other sources have it as 84.
NY Times on 11/24/30 details a play
starting from NYG15 with Moran
receiving snap in punt formation.
Johnny Johnson9/25/199490NYJCHINYJ3CHI7
Bo Jackson12/16/199088L.A.
Barry Sanders10/2/199485DETTBDET10TB5
Barry Sanders10/23/199484DETCHIDET3CHI13
Doug Martin11/22/201584TBPHITB15PHI1
Jess Phillips11/2/196983CINOAKCIN7OAK10
Billy Sims9/30/198481DETSDDET18SD1
Le'Veon Bell9/21/201481PITCARPIT8CAR11
Wilbur Jackson11/27/197780SFNOSF1NO19
Leroy Harris11/25/197980PHIGBPHI1GB19
Larry Moriarty9/11/198380Houston
Jessie Clark9/29/198580GBSt. Louis
Troy Hambrick9/30/200180DALPHIDAL5PHI15
Jamaal Charles12/19/201080KCSTLKC18STL2

Longest non-scoring passes in NFL history:
Bobby Moore
(Ahmad Rashad)
Jim Hart12/10/197298St. Louis
L.A. RamsSTL1LA1
Walter RobertsBilly Kilmer11/19/196796NOPHINO2PHI2
Vincent JacksonJosh Freeman10/21/201295TBNOTB4NO1
Herschel WalkerRandall Cunningham9/4/199493PHINYGPHI6NYG1
Marcus AllenMarc Wilson10/7/198492L.A.
Derrick AlexanderEric Zeier12/7/199792BALSEABAL7SEA1
Richard CasterJoe Namath10/26/197591NYJBaltimore
Dwight StoneBubby Brister10/14/199090PITDENPIT6DEN4
Alvin HarperTroy Aikman11/13/199490DALSFDAL6SF4
Byron ChamberlainBrian Griese10/17/199988DENGBDEN10GB2
Milt MorinBill Nelsen11/24/196887CLEPHICLE10PHI3
Calvin JohnsonMatthew Stafford10/27/201387DETDALDET10DAL3Johnson finished the game
with 329 receiving yards.
Steve WatsonCraig Morton12/6/198186DENKCDEN9KC5
Vance JohnsonJohn Elway9/26/198886DENL.A.
Emmitt SmithBernie Kosar11/14/199386DALPhoenix
Marcus PollardJoey Harrington10/16/200586DETCARDET9CAR5
Wes ChandlerArchie Manning9/23/197985NOSFNO13SF2
Emery MooreheadMike Tomczak11/16/198685CHIATLCHI14ATL1
Homer JonesFran Tarkenton9/15/196884NYGPITNYG12PIT4
Ken BurrowBob Berry12/19/197184ATLNOATL13NO3not to be confused with
fellow 70's WR Ken Burrough
Alvin GarrettJoe Theismann10/23/198384WASDETWAS5DET11
Eric MartinBobby Hebert9/14/198684NOGBNO9GB7Martin's second catch of the game;
the first went for 72 and a TD.
Malcolm KellyJason Campbell1/3/201084WASSDWAS12SD4
Jerome SimpsonAndy Dalton9/18/201184CINDENCIN7DEN9
Sammy WatkinsKyle Orton10/26/201484BUFNYJBUF11NYJ5Watkins started 
celebrating at the 15.
Koren RobinsonTrent Dilfer10/20/200283SEASTLSEA15STL2
Kevin JohnsonKelly Holcomb1/5/200383CLEPITCLE16PIT1AFC Wild Card game.
Santonio HolmesBen Roethlisberger12/20/200783PITSTLPIT4STL13
Ed MarshallJoe Pisarcik10/23/197782NYGWASNYG3WAS15
Leonard ThompsonScott Hunter10/7/197982DETNEDET9NE9
Terry KirbySteve Young10/19/199782SFATLSF17ATL1
Armanti EdwardsCam Newton11/4/201282CARWASCAR9WAS9
Jackie SmithGary Hammond10/13/197481St. Louis
DALSTL13DAL6pass thrown by wide receiver
Jessie HesterJack Trudeau11/22/199281INDPITIND18PIT1
Pat ColemanCody Carlson9/25/199481Houston
Terence MathisJeff George12/4/199481ATLSFATL10SF9
Corey BradfordDavid Carr10/13/200281HOUBUFHOU10BUF9
Devery HendersonDrew Brees9/28/200881NOSFNO17SF2
Johnny KnoxCaleb Hanie11/27/201181CHIOAKCHI10OAK9
Johnny PerkinsPhil Simms10/25/198180NYGATLNYG18ATL2
Jimmie GilesJack Thompson10/9/198380TBDALTB11DAL9
Todd PinkstonDonovan McNabb12/12/200480PHIWASPHI16WAS4
Reggie WayneAndrew Luck12/28/200480INDTENIND19TEN1

Longest non-scoring kickoff returns in NFL history:
Percy Harvin11/27/2011104MINATLMIN-7ATL3
Ameer Abdullah11/15/2015104DETGBDET-5GB1
Benny Cunningham12/17/2015102STLTBSTL-5TB3
Jalen Saunders12/21/201499NOATLNO0ATL1
Adam Jones10/12/201497CINCARCIN0CAR3
Joe Arenas12/16/195696SFBALSF2BAL2
Maurice Jones-Drew1/5/200896JAXPITJAX3PIT1AFC Wild Card Game
Art Powell10/4/195995PHINYGPHI4NYG1
Bob Neff9/14/196895MIAHouston
Ken Jenkins11/24/198595WASPITWAS2PIT3
Tim Brown11/28/198895L.A.
Kevin Faulk11/15/199995NENYJNE-3NYJ8
Eddie Royal11/2/200895DENMIADEN0MIA5
Leon Washington12/8/201395TENDENTEN2DEN3
Tom Watkins11/21/196594DETCHI??
Dick Gordon9/16/196694CHIL.A. Rams??
Doug Cunningham10/22/196794SFNO??
Tim McGee11/23/198694CINMINCIN1MIN5
Tab Perry12/4/200594CINPITCIN3PIT3
Leon Washington9/22/200894NYJSDNYJ1SD5
Kyle Williams9/23/201294SFMINSF-8MIN14
Danieal Manning1/13/201380HOUNEHOU-6NE12AFC Divisional Round
Gary Ballman11/3/196393PITGBPIT5GB2
Glyn Milburn9/26/199993CHIOAKCHI-2OAK9
Brock Marion10/4/199993MIABUFMIA3BUF4
Tom Farmer?/?/194692L.A. Rams???unverified
Dave Osborn10/4/196592MINL.A. Rams??
Billy Lefear11/23/197592CLECINCLE6CIN2Lefear broke his leg when tackled;
Lefear's last play in NFL
Leeland McElroy10/27/199692ARINYJARI0NYJ8
Jerious Norwood12/28/200892ATLSTLATL0STL8
Darren Sproles12/26/201192NOATLNO-6ATL14
Lynn Chandnois9/30/195691PITWASPIT-5WAS14
Mel Blount10/3/197091PITCLEPIT4CLE5
Reggie Barlow10/25/199891JAXDENJAX5DEN4
Terry Fair9/19/199991DETGBDET1GB8
Desmond Howard10/28/200191DETCINDET0CIN9
Eddie Drummond12/15/200291DETTBDET4TB5
Antonio Cromartie11/26/200691SDOAKSD-3OAK12
Bryan McCann12/24/201191OAKKCOAK-5KC14
Bob Neff11/13/196690MIAKCMIA0KC10The Dolphins were intercepted 
shortly after each of Neff's long returns.
Don Shy11/17/196890PITCLE??
Kendall Williams10/2/198390Baltimore
James Dixon10/8/198990DALGBDAL4GB6
Donnie Elder12/30/199090SDL.A.
Jason Tucker10/15/200090DALNYGDAL8NYG2
Allen Rossum11/6/200090GBMINGB8MIN2
Brad Pyatt10/6/200390INDTBIND-2TB12first play of Colts comeback
from down 21 with 5:09 left
Reggie Swinton11/20/200590ARISTLARI5STL5
Josh Cribbs11/11/200790CLEPITCLE7PIT3
Dwayne Harris10/13/201390DALWASDAL-5WAS15
Floyd Little11/10/196889DENOAKDEN-2OAK13
Ike Thomas11/12/197289GBCHIGB0CHI11
Larry Brunson10/14/197989OAKATLOAK5ATL6
Rod Hill1/16/198389DALGBDAL2GB9NFC Divisional game
Ron Brown11/10/198589L.A. RamsNYGLA0NYG11
Mel Gray10/25/199289DETTBDET7TB4
Herschel Walker10/20/199689DALATLDAL0ATL11
Veryl Switzer10/30/195488GBPHIGB2PHI10
Walter Roberts11/7/196588CLEPHICLE2PHI10
Clarence Childs12/8/196888CHIL.A. RamsCHI10LA2
Randy Montgomery10/22/197288DENOAKDEN-4OAK16
Steve Odom10/3/197688GBDETGB10DET2
Jimmy Rogers11/24/198088NOL.A. RamsNO-3LA15
Carl Roaches9/13/198188Houston
Buster Rhymes12/22/198588MINPHIMIN4PHI8broke rookie record for KR yards
in a season on this return;
not that Busta Rhymes
Mel Gray10/6/199688Houston
Anthony Marshall 
(lateral from Bobby Engram)
11/24/199688CHIDETCHI-3DET15Engram returned the kickoff 13 yards
then lateraled to Marshall for next 75
Eddie Drummond12/22/200288DETATLDET-3ATL15
Terrence McGee11/12/200688BUFINDBUF0IND12
Pierre Thomas12/7/200888NOATLNO4ATL8
Rod McNeill12/21/197588NOCHI??
Joe McKnight10/9/201188NYJNENYJ-8NE20
Willie West10/16/196087St. Louis
PITSTL-7PIT20tripped over teammate
Earl Christy9/29/196887NYJBUFNYJ6BUF7
Jerry LeVias11/9/196987Houston
Don Bessillieu9/21/198087MIAATLMIA-5ATL18
Jamie Holland11/11/199087L.A.
Kevin Williams11/24/199487DALGBDAL8GB5
B.J. Sams12/11/200587BALDENBAL3DEN10
Jerome Mathis12/3/200687HOUOAKHOU10OAK3
Rock Cartwright12/14/200887WASCINWAS0CIN13
Aaron Brown9/13/200987DETNODET1NO12
Courtney Roby10/25/200987NOMIANO-3MIA16
Chris Owusu12/28/201487NYJMIANYJ1MIA12
Fred Morrison?/?/195186CHI???unverified
Joe Geri10/1/195186PITNYGPIT13NYG1
Emlen Tunnell11/1/195386NYGChicago
Gene Howard11/2/196986NOSt. Louis
Keith Wright10/22/197886CLEKCCLE-4KC18
Brian Mitchell9/11/199486WASNOWAS-1NO15
Glyn Milburn11/19/199586DENSDDEN1SD13
Steve Broussard9/15/199686SEAKCSEA3KC11
Herschel Walker11/3/199686DALPHIDAL8PHI6Walker's third appearance on these lists.
Allen Rossum11/14/199986PHIWASPHI0WAS14
Aaron Stecker12/23/200186TBNOTB0NO14TB wouldn't score the first kick return TD
in franchise history for another 6 years.
Brad Smith10/11/201086NYJMINNYJ-5MIN19
Travis Benjamin10/20/201386CLEGBCLE-6GB20
Tommy Wilson12/6/195985L.A. RamsGBLARM4GB11unverified
Jug Girard11/1/195385DETL.A. Rams??
Barry Redden12/18/198285L.A. RamsL.A.
Don Beebe11/5/198985BUFATLBUF7ATL8
David Dunn11/23/199785CINJAXCIN12JAX3
Adam Jones11/20/200585TENJAXTEN4JAX11
Josh Cribbs9/16/200785CLECINCLE4CIN11
Jerious Norwood10/12/200885ATLCHIATL-2CHI17
Leodis McKelvin11/9/200885BUFNEBUF1NE14
Andy Farkas10/25/194384WASChicago
WAS0CHI16fumbled OOB
Tom Moore12/4/196084GBCHI??
Ozzie Clay10/4/196484WASSt. Louis
Ken Ellis11/4/197384GBCHI??
James Hunter12/11/197684DETL.A. RamsDET12LARM4
Mike Nelms11/1/198184WASSt. Louis
Dennis Gentry11/3/198684CHIL.A. RamsCHI11LA5
Herman Fontenot10/30/198884CLECINCLE7CIN9
Thomas Lewis8/31/199784NYGPHINYG8PHI8
Dante Hall9/9/200784STLCARSTL-1CAR17
David Reed11/21/201084BALCARBAL-2CAR18
Danny Amendola12/26/201084STLSFSTL4SF12
Alex Erickson11/14/201684CINNYGCIN3 NYG13
Jerry Davis?/?/194883Chicago
Howard Stevens12/4/197683Baltimore
St. Louis
Jimmy Edwards11/25/197983MINTBMIN-3TB20
Tyrone Hughes11/26/199583NOCARNO4CAR13
Adrian Madise12/28/200383DENGBDEN5GB12
Domenik Hixon11/23/200883NYGARINYG0ARI17
Clifton Smith11/8/200983TBGBTB0GB17
Stefan Logan12/6/200983PITOAKPIT-2OAK19
Leon Washington9/9/201283SEAARISEA-7ARI24
LeGarrette Blount12/29/201383NEBUFNE-3BUF20
Billy Baggett11/16/195282Dallas
Joe Arenas9/27/195382SFPHISF2PHI16
Abner Haynes11/6/196082Dallas
Charlie West12/8/196882MINSFMIN7SF11
Jim Butler11/22/197182ATLGBATL-1GB19
Steve Davis10/29/197282PITBUFPIT0BUF18
Mark Logan12/6/199282SFMIASF10MIA8
Steve Smith12/2/200182CARNOCAR6NO12
Brandon Bennett11/17/200282CINCLECIN11CLE7
Terrence McGee10/2/200582BUFNOBUF15NO3last play of 2Q
Travaris Cadet11/17/201382NOSFNO-3SF21
Charlie Sumner?/?/195581CHI???unverified
Clancy Williams11/6/196681L.A. RamsSFLA1SF18
Len Walterscheid10/1/197881CHIOAKCHI3OAK16
Steve Brown11/27/198381Houston
Herman Fontenot12/15/198581CLEHouston
Kevin L. Williams9/26/199981NYJWASNYJ3WAS16fumbled OOB
Charlie Rogers10/15/200081SEAINDSEA-2IND21
Troy Edwards11/25/200181PITTENPIT2TEN17
Ellis Hobbs9/21/200881NEMIANE-4MIA23
Danny Amendola11/23/201481NEDETNE-3DET22
Dave Grayson10/11/196480KCDENKC2DEN18KC's drive after the return: 
1-10-DEN18: holding for -15;
1-25-DEN33: sack for -14;
2-39-DEN48: run for -5;
3-44-KC47: run for 19;
4-25-DEN33: pass for 33 and TD
Gary Ballman11/8/196480PITSt. Louis
Ron Smith11/27/196680ATLCHIATL14CHI6
Ellis Hobbs1/21/200780NEINDNE-1IND21AFC Championship Game
Rock Cartwright10/21/200780WASARIWAS-1ARI21
Devin Hester9/15/201380CHIMINCHI-3MIN23
Pacman Jones12/22/201480CINDENCIN-7DEN27

Longest non-scoring punt returns in NFL history:
Brady Keys9/20/196490PITNYGPIT9NYG1
Skeets Quinlan?/?/195288L.A. Rams???unverified
T.J. Houshmandzadeh11/25/200186CINCLECIN9CLE5
Leon Washington12/5/201084SEACARSEA14CAR2
Eddie Dove9/29/196383NYGPHINYG14PHI3
Brady Keys9/22/196382PITNYGPIT17NYG1
Ray Buchanan11/3/199682INDSDIND9SD9
Danny Amendola11/15/201582NENYGNE11NYG7tripped by teammate
Bob Grim11/5/196781MINNYGMIN17NYG2
Dennis Northcutt11/5/200681CLESDCLE9SD10
Mel Gray12/6/198780NOTBNO16TB4
Desmond Howard10/29/200080DETINDDET18IND2

Longest non-scoring interception returns in NFL history:
Champ Bailey1/14/2006100DENNEDEN-1NE1AFC Divisional game;
fumbled OOB just before reaching end zone
Brandon McDonald12/15/200898CLEPHICLE-5PHI7last play of half
Julius Peppers10/10/200497CARDENCAR0DEN3lost fumble into end zone,
but overturned on replay
Jimmy Conzelman11/2/192496Chicago
Dennis Thurman9/6/198196DALWASDAL0WAS4
Charles Tillman12/4/200595CHIGBCHI-2GB7next-to-last play of 2Q
Nolan Cromwell12/14/198194STLATLSTL3ATL3
LeRoy Irvin12/26/198394STLDALSTL3DAL3NFC Wild Card game
Chad Williams10/24/200494BALBUFBAL0BUF6
Andy Studebaker11/22/200994KCPITKC-2PIT8
Ross Fichtner 
(lateral from Erich Barnes)
10/1/196793CLENOCLE5NO2Barnes returned the interception 5 yards
then lateraled to Fitchner for next 88
Jack Hinkle10/9/194391PHI/PIT
NYG?? NY Times on 10/10/43
credits interception to Ernie Steele
Booker Edgerson11/1/196491BUFHouston
Leslie Duncan12/6/196491SDNYJSD5NYJ4
Ryan Mundy9/8/201391NYGDALNYG8DAL1
Bob Smith11/9/195290DETPITDET0PIT10
Rick Volk10/13/196890Baltimore
Mike Richardson9/29/198590CHIWASCHI9WAS1
Bruce Maher11/10/196889NYGDALNYG5DAL6
Charlie West12/19/197189MINCHIMIN6CHI5
Lawrence Timmons11/30/200889PITNEPIT10NE1tackle made by Ben Watson,
who also tackled Bailey on the non-TD above
Dave Robinson12/12/196587GBBaltimore
Ron Hall9/18/196687NEDENNE6DEN7
Joe Blahak12/9/197387HOILPITHOIL8PIT5
Victor Green12/13/199887NYJMIANYJ4MIA9
Mike Gaechter11/3/196386DALWASDAL1WAS13
Dick Anderson12/20/197086MIABUFMIA-3BUF17
Brice McCain10/8/201286HOUNYJHOU5NYJ9
Raymond Clayborn10/7/198485NECLENE8CLE7next-to-last play of 4Q;
CLE trailed 17-16 and was in FG territory
Aaron Beasley9/12/200485ATLSFATL1SF14
Al Harris12/19/199984PHINEPHI5NE11fumbled, recovered by PHI
Joey Porter9/15/200284PITOAKPIT1OAK15illegally lateraled forward for TD
reversed on replay
Sabby Piscitelli12/28/200884TBOAKTB5OAK11
Kemal Ishmael12/20/201584ATLJAXATL0JAX16
Fred Marion11/17/198583NESEANE2SEA15
Lloyd Burruss10/28/199183KCL.A.
Carlton Williamson11/25/198582SFSEASF12SEA6
Rolland Lawrence10/21/197381ATLSD??
Paul Krause11/23/197581MINSD??
Leroy Irvin11/16/198080STLNESTL11NE9last play of half
John Holt11/30/198680INDSDIND7SD13
Cortland Finnegan9/10/200980TENPITTEN0PIT20last play of half
Ralph Brown1/3/201080ARIGBARI13GB7
Antoine Cason10/12/201480CARCINCAR10CIN10

Other 80+ yard non-scoring plays (non-comprehensive):
Dale Dodrill12/14/195283PITL.A. RamsPIT8LA9blocked FG return
Andre Waters11/30/198681PHIL.A.
PHI15LA4fumble return;

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