Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simple AFC Tiebreaker Chart, 2013, After Week 16

Notes and assumptions:
  1. No possibility of further tie games.
  2. Tiebreaker winners are as they would be if the teams were tied at the end of the season, NOT as if the season ended right now.  (Example: MIA currently has the tiebreaker on NYJ, but MIA and NYJ can only be tied if NYJ beats MIA next week, which would negate MIA's head-to-head tiebreaker.)
  3. Tiebreakers that don't affect playoff berths or seeding are ignored.
  4. Division ties are broken first.  (Example: If MIA, NYJ, BAL, and SD all finish 8-8, break the MIA-NYJ tie first.  Then apply the tiebreaker between BAL, SD, and the MIA-NYJ winner.)
  5. If three or more teams are tied, apply that tiebreaker, not the two-team tiebreaker.
  6. Strength of victory is the combined winning percentage (essentially, the number of wins) of the teams a team has beaten. It has nothing to do with point totals.
  7. Clinched divisions: NE, CIN, IND, DEN.
  8. Clinched bye: DEN.
  9. Clinched #5 seed: KC.
  10. Alive for #6 seed: MIA, BAL, PIT, SD.  Note that none of these teams are win-and-in; SD and PIT are eliminated if either MIA or BAL wins, and which of MIA or BAL makes the playoffs at 9-7 is dependent on whether SD wins.  If everyone loses, BAL makes the playoffs.
  11. Eliminated, but still affecting tiebreakers: NYJ.
  12. Also eliminated: HOU, JAX, BUF, CLE, OAK, TEN.
  13. The complete tiebreaker rules are here.
AFC Division Tiebreakers after Week 16:
Tied TeamsRecordWinnerWhy?
MIA-NYJ8-8NYJdivision record
BAL-PIT8-8PITdivision record

AFC Wild Card and Seeding Tiebreakers after Week 16:
Tied TeamsRecordWinnerWhy?
NE-IND11-5INDconference record
BAL-SD9-7BALconference record
MIA-BAL-SD9-7MIAconference record
NYJ-BAL-SD8-8BALconference record
NYJ-PIT-SD8-8PITconference record

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Blogger schlotzsky said ... (2:57 AM, December 22, 2013) : 

Bal can't beat Cin and still go 8-8, so that first tiebreak with Pit should be removed.


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