Thursday, October 29, 2015

Longest Missed Field Goals, 1985-2015 (updated)

As far as I can tell, there are no league-wide official records kept for length of missed field goals. The following list is complete for 1985-2015, but there have been longer misses in the past (see the Moseley and Steinfort fair catch kicks). (Update 9/28/08: NBC has confirmed that Janikowski's 76-yard attempt was the longest since at least 1970, and that Moseley's 74-yarder was the previous long.) Note that 5 of the kicks took place in Denver.

Longest missed field goal attempts, NFL, 1985-2015:

KickerTeamLengthResultDateHow Missed?Notes
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders76SD 28, OAK 189/28/2008short
Phil DawsonSan Francisco 49ers71SF 35, STL 119/26/2013short, wide leftfair catch kick
Mason CrosbyGreen Bay Packers69GB 31, DET 2112/28/2008shortfair catch kick
John HallNew York Jets68NYJ 24, NE 1910/19/1997short
Neil RackersArizona Cardinals68NYG 37, ARI 2911/23/2008short, wide leftfair catch kick
Blair WalshMinnesota Vikings68DET 16, MIN 1412/14/2014short, wide leftlast play of game
Steve CoxWashington Redskins67MIA 23, WAS 2112/20/1987short, wide rightlast play of game
Rob BironasTennessee Titans67JAX 16, TEN 149/11/2011short, wide right
Jason ElamDenver Broncos66SEA 31, DEN 2712/10/1995short
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders66WAS 34, OAK 1312/13/2009short
Greg ZuerleinSt. Louis Rams66MIA 17, STL 1410/14/2012wide leftlast play of game
Robbie GouldChicago Bears66MIN 23, CHI 20 (OT)12/1/2013shortlast play of regulation
Cairo SantosKansas City Chiefs66CHI 18, KC 1710/11/2015short, wide rightlast play of game
Steve ChristieBuffalo Bills65BUF 9, MIA 611/2/1997short
Jason ElamDenver Broncos65DEN 31, NYG 209/10/2001wide left0:07 2nd quarter; 
followed by Pochman’s 63-yd attempt
Jason HansonDetroit Lions65MIN 31, DET 2610/14/2001short
John KasayCarolina Panthers65DAL 35, CAR 1410/29/2006short
Jeff ReedPittsburgh Steelers65DEN 31, PIT 2810/21/2007short
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders65DET 28, OAK 2712/19/1999blockedlast play of game
Jason ElamDenver Broncos64DEN 36, SEA 3012/19/1999short
Neil RackersArizona Cardinals64BUF 38, ARI 1410/31/2004short
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders64HOU 24, OAK 1711/4/2007hit right upright1:15 2nd quarter
Sebastian JanikowskiOakland Raiders64OAK 26, JAX 23 (OT)10/21/2012 shortlast play of 4th quarter
Justin TuckerBaltimore Ravens64BAL 48, TB 1710/12/2014 blocked
Kevin ButlerChicago Bears63CHI 38, TB 289/8/1985shortButler's first NFL game.
Butler's last college attempt (off a tee) was just short from 71.
Rafael SeptienDallas Cowboys63NYG 17, DAL 1411/2/1986short0:18 4th quarter
Chris BahrCleveland Browns63L.A. Raiders 27, CLE 1411/16/1986short
Mike CoferSan Francisco 49ers63SF 26, L.A. Rams 1012/17/1990short
Doug PelfreyCincinnati Bengals63CLE 29, CIN 2610/29/1995short
Toby GowinDallas Cowboys63DAL 26, JAX 2210/19/1997short
Mike VanderjagtIndianapolis Colts63IND 24, NYJ 2311/15/1998shortreturned for a TD by Aaron Glenn
Owen PochmanNew York Giants63DEN 31, NYG 209/10/2001wide right
Josh ScobeeJacksonville Jaguars63IND 14, JAX 129/13/2009short
Rian LindellBuffalo Bills63MIA 15, BUF 109/12/2010short
Alex HeneryPhiladelphia Eagles63ATL 35, PHI 319/18/2011short
Graham GanoCarolina Panthers63ATL 19, CAR 1711/16/2014blockedlast play of game
Greg ZuerleinSt. Louis Rams63GB 24, STL 1010/11/2015wide leftThe Rams trailed by 11 with 3:28 left.
Greg ZuerleinSt. Louis Rams63STL 24, CLE 610/25/2015wide right
Andrew FranksMiami Dolphins63NE 36, MIA 710/29/2015short, wide left

All of the above were attempted at the end of the first half unless noted. Janikowski also missed a 66-yarder against Seattle in the 2008 preseason, Kasay missed a 66-yarder in the Pro Bowl following the 1996 season, and Tucker missed 66- and 67-yarders in the Pro Bowl following the 2013 season.

Other confirmed long misses:

74: Mark Moseley, Washington Redskins, 11/25/1979 vs. New York Giants. Fair catch kick.

73: Fred Steinfort, Denver Broncos, 9/29/1980 vs. New England. Fair catch kick.

71: Joe Danelo, New York Giants, 10/28/1979 vs. Los Angeles Rams.

70: Mark Moseley, Washington Redskins, 9/2/1979 vs. Houston Oilers. The Redskins trailed by 2 at the end of the game.

67: Jan Stenerud, Kansas City Chiefs, 9/21/1975 at Denver.  Short on the last play of the first half.

66: Ali Haji-Sheikh, New York Giants, 10/24/1983 at St. Louis Cardinals.  Tied at the end of regulation.

65: Sam Baker, Washington Redskins, 12/23/1956 at Baltimore Colts.  The Redskins trailed by 2 at the end of the game. Short by 18 yards.

64: Raul Allegre, Baltimore Colts, 12/11/1983 at Denver.  The Colts trailed by 2 at the end of the game.

64: Steve Cox, Cleveland Browns, 12/2/1984 vs. Cincinnati.  Tied at the end of regulation.  (For some reason, the Bengals onside kicked after scoring the tying touchdown with :01 left.)

63: Ray Wersching, San Francisco 49ers, 10/26/1980 vs. Tampa Bay.  The 49ers trailed by 1 at the end of the game.

63: Bob Thomas, Chicago Bears, 9/4/1983 vs. Atlanta.  Short with :06 left in the second quarter.