Sunday, November 07, 2010

Reader Mail! Extra Points

(Reposting this, as Ndakumong Suh just missed an extra point for the Lions ... and now Wes Welker kicked one for the Patriots. )

In 1971 the Bears had two non-kickers score PATs: Bobby Douglass on a rush and Dick Butkus on a pass from Douglass. Douglass was the Bears' holder on placekicks. Prior to the 2-pt conversion rule in '94; how many times during the era after the merger (1970-1993) had there been successful PATs by rush or by pass in regular season or post-season games? - James

It happened at least 30 times. (Steve Largent's 1985 extra point is listed as an uncredited "kick" on Pro-Football-Reference and credited to Norm Johnson in many box scores, so it is possible that there are others that I've missed.)

All of these conversions (which counted for 1 point) likely came as the result of botched snaps or holds in field goal formation.

(The last time I know of that a team lined up in a non-kicking formation for a 1-point extra point came in the 1940 Championship Game. The Bears lined up in scrimmage formations after their last two touchdowns, but only because the refs feared that they would run out of footballs, 9 of which had already been kicked into the stands. End zone nets would not be introduced for a while.)

Extra points other than by kick, NFL, 1970-1993:

Bobby DouglassCHIDAL10/31/1971
Ralph Baker NYJSD10/31/1971pass from Bob Davis
Dan ReevesDALSTL Cardinals11/7/1971
Dick Butkus CHIWAS11/14/1971pass from Bobby Douglass
Larry Schreiber SFNO11/14/1971pass from Bruce Gossett
Virgil Carter CINNYJ12/19/1971listed as a kick on PFR
Mickey Zofko DETCHI11/5/1972pass from Greg Landry
Dick Butkus CHIPHI12/10/1972pass from Bobby Douglass
Ron HollidaySDCLE10/28/1973
Bob ChandlerBUFKC10/29/1973
Lynn DickeyHOU OilersBAL Colts11/4/1973
Pat Curran SDMIN11/23/1975pass from Mike Fuller
Roger WehrliSTL CardinalsCHI12/14/1975
Brian SipeCLECIN10/3/1976
Mike FullerSDBAL Colts11/7/1976
Steve Mike-MayerBAL ColtsNE10/28/1979Mike-Mayer was a kicker
Gary Parris STL CardinalsCLE10/28/1979pass from Roger Wehrli
Nolan CromwellLA RamsBUF12/7/1980
Rich Wingo GBCHI9/6/1981pass from Ray Stachowicz
Reggie Wilkes PHINO10/11/1981pass from Ron Jaworski
Steve KreiderCINLA Raiders11/28/1982
Ross Browner CINHOU11/6/1983pass from Steve Kreider
Pat Ryan NYJMIA12/16/1983listed as a Pat Leahy kick on PFR
(second extra point)
Pat Ryan NYJKC10/21/1984listed as a Pat Leahy kick on PFR
(third extra point)
Rick Bryan ATLDET9/8/1985pass from David Archer
Steve LargentSEAATL10/13/1985listed as a kick on PFR
Steve KreiderCINHOU Oilers10/20/1985
Rick NeuheiselSDCIN10/4/1987replacement game
Chris Kelley CLENE10/4/1987pass from Dale Walters
replacement game
Chris MohrTBCHI10/8/1989listed as a Donald Igwebuike kick on PFR
(sixth extra point)
Steve LargentSEABUF12/4/1989

A companion list of non-kickers/punters pressed into extra point duty:

(Note: Suh is not on the list, as he missed.)

Non-specialists who successfully kicked extra points, 1970-2009:

Deacon JonesDEWASCHI12/15/1974Last regular season game of Jones's career.
Dave PureiforyDTGBDET
Regular kicker Chester Marcol pulled a thigh muscle;
Pureifory went 1 for 2 in each game.
Steve ZabelLBNETB12/12/19764 seconds left in the last game of the regular season.
NE had called timeout up 24-14 with 6 seconds left
to set up Steve Grogan's 1-yard TD, which broke
the single-season record for rushing TD by a QB.
TB, finishing up an 0-14 season, was not pleased.
Ray MansfieldCPITBaltimore Colts
AFC Divisional and Championship Games.
Regular kicker Roy Gerela strained his abdominals 
compensating for a leg infection.
Mansfield kicked the final extra point of the
Steelers' 40-14 win over the Colts and the only
extra point of the 24-7 loss to the Raiders.
Gerela was active for the Raiders' game 
but did not attempt a kick.
Ted ThompsonLBHOU OilersNYJ11/23/1980Toni Fritsch was injured in warmups.
Thompson went 4 for 4.
George YarnoGTBDET12/18/1983Last game of the regular season.
Regular kicker Bill Capece was injured;
replacement David Warnke had missed an
extra point and a 29-yard field goal.
Wes WelkerWRMIANE10/10/2004Welker also kicked a 29-yard field goal in the game.
Mark SimoneauLBPHISF9/18/2005David Akers was injured in the 2nd quarter
but returned for the 2nd half.
Simoneau had an extra point blocked the next week.
Doug FlutieQBNEMIA1/1/2006Last regular season game of Flutie's career.
Drop kicked.
Chad OchocincoWRCINNE8/20/2009Preseason.
Shayne Graham was injured in warmups.
Wes WelkerWRNECLE11/7/2010Stephen Gostkowski was injured during the game.